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Even though we use Word of mouth! We had built up a small following based on our previous products, but decided to keep our new product range under wraps for a while. We wanted to monitor feedback and make sure our design and finishing process were spot-on before the "big reveal." Fortunately for us, we had some tips from eComHubpro that made a difference.

 Before we knew it our sales began to increase dramatically with very little effort in terms of promotion.


This is a special training for some of you that are thinking about having either a physical store or a Relative Product that requires "Relationship Marketing"
Customer service -
 We can't overemphasize how important this is. It's amazing how often customers get bad customer service and how much they appreciate it when it's done well. We will teach you how to answer every email and query and make sure it's friendly, helpful and relevant.
Acquiring new customers costs money so turning them into repeat customers must always be the aim. Don't be afraid to actually speak to them; you will get the best insights into what customers think about your company and products when speaking to them on the phone, email or chat.

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Sale Creation Mastery
Learn the science behind creating a buying pattern, and learn why people hit the buy button to make a purchase. Once you find out the process that takes place in the consumers mind before they make the buying decision you at that point has "Cracked the Buyer Code", so get's started with eComHubPro so we can go more in-depth with this method! See you in the members area.....  
Ad Set Up Process
Learn the best way to set up an Ad! wether you are selling on eBay, craiglist, woocommerce or your own platform we will discuss different Ad techniques used by the industries most successful retial and eCommerce marketers, this will give you an unfair advantage when you are competing with other products within the niche you are selling in.
Package and Delivery
Your probably thinking about this question.... How do I deliver the products? Don't worry we will discuss this process., and it's not as difficult as it looks! we will discuss and review the different delivery options from having a Storage unit to Dropshipping that doesn't require any inventory.
Quick Inside Look
Plus Awesome Bonuses
Ebay Manual
eBay is a popular shopping website where individuals and businesses can buy and sell new and second-hand items. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to sell a single item on eBay. The first time you do this, you’ll need to create a ‘seller’s account’, but once this is done, any future sales will be much easier and we take you step by step with this process
Retail Arbitrage
Not only do we have Videos that will give you over the shoulder training, we are revealing some more golden nuggets with this product. Here we have an awesome Bonus training called "Retail Arbitrage" that will include more insider techniques that you can use to get multiple sales in different wholesale retail niches and all this can be conducted from home!
Groceries eCommerce
Yes! Groceries, people are looking for specific edibles everyday online! from spices to rice we will show you how "Food eCommerce works".

The shift, which includes millennials spending less on groceries per month than in the past, sees younger shoppers visiting a variety of stores for their goods, such as convenience stores, online services like AmazonFresh, and big box retailers like Target.

According to federal data, last year consumers between the ages of 25 to 34 spent an average of $3,539 on groceries, about $1,000 less than what the same age group spent in 1990.

 Learn how you can profit from this growing niche that will soon be the normal way to food shop in the future.

Shopify for eCommerce Startups

For many, the allure of digital retail has become too lucrative to resist. If you’re in the camp of entrepreneurs who are looking to branch out into the eCommerce space, we recommend using Shopify to power your store.

There are countless shopping cart platforms to choose from, but Shopify has some powerful advantages for startups. Here’s why:

#1. It’s affordable. The number one rule for startups in any industry is to keep costs low without cutting corners. And when compared to other shopping cart platforms, your money goes farthest with Shopify. For a relatively low monthly cost, you get everything you need to power a fast and reliable eCommerce website.

#2. It presents a visually appealing online store to the world. Your store’s success depends heavily on its looks – especially in the startup stage, when the market is still getting to know your brand.

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One of our Favorite Platforms.......
Ebay is Still Pushing Traffic.......

eBay and other Local Platforms

eBay is still working like a smooth ATM Machine!
Most people pass it up becuase of the Crazy Paypal
Stories and Refund nightmares! but what if we can show you
how to deal with the Madness to access the PROFIT!

Also there are a coupe of New Platforms that are pulling
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Learn the Scale up Start up Process

For some e-commerce retailers, predicting spikes and dips in traffic is a relatively easy task. For example, almost all retailers anticipate more business than usual during the holiday season, as customers scramble to purchase gifts for their loved ones. Retailers can also predict an increase in sales depending on their industry. For instance, a school supplies retailer can expect a large influx of traffic in August.

However, e-commerce traffic isn’t always that predictable. What if your business had to deal with traffic spikes on a weekly—or even daily—basis?

As a business owner, you’ve got to do everything within your power to ensure an optimal online experience for your customers, regardless of how much traffic your site is handling at any point in time.
1. You will get access to this eCommerce hidden Goldmine with insider tips to TOP LEVEL Dropshippers and More.... We help find the PRODUCTS or PRODUCTS that you want to Sell either Dropship or Local Distribution!

2. Identify and Connect the PRODUCT or PRODUCTS with the Correct Distribution Channel for that Products

3. Understand Your Budget and Match Your Marketing accordingly with eComhubPro we can go FREE or PAID with Ads!

Professional Marketing Tips
Let's face it without marketing no sales will be made! you can create all the eCommerce store you want but if no one comes in contact with you store on a daily basis then nothing will sell! Well we have a SPECIAL MARKETING TRAINING that will get you off and running and we will not break the bank! Our training istarts out with a Budget Plan that is designed to scale and Grow!

We understand that once you've started your e-commerce business, one of the first steps toward success is to get the word out about your products. With all the different social media and other platforms available, however, effective marketing is more complex than ever. It's important, therefore, to have a balanced and far-reaching strategy -- one that's just as focused on reaching long-term goals as it is on going viral.

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